Acting is hard. Navigating an acting career is even harder. Let's just get you some great pictures, okay?

Alex enjoying the mustache life…

Alex enjoying the mustache life…

Actor Headshots

Alright, so we've set up your appointment! We're going to get you looking pretty (or rough?) for pilot season. Now what? 

First, let's talk YOU. What are your needs? Are you just starting out on your acting journey, and need some base looks to get you started? Awesome! Are you looking to add a few looks to your already stunning Casting Networks profile? Great! We'll have a conversation by phone or Skype before the day of your session to narrow down the exact looks we're going to shoot, what you're looking to get out of them, and the logistics of the shoot itself.

Second, let's take your picture! We've already communicated on looks, time, parking, etc. - there's not a thing to worry about. Let's just get you in front of the camera and make some magic! I'll show you the shots as we shoot them to make sure we get what it is you're looking for. 

Lastly, let's get you your shots. 1 to 2 business days after our shoot, you'll receive an invite to view your pictures online. You're welcome to invite your agent, manager, or anyone else to the album to help you choose your favorites. Once you've chosen the shots you want edited, I'll get to work. You can expect your choices back to you, edited, in their original dimensions, as well as cropped to 8x10 (physical headshot size) in 7 business days or less. You'll also receive the other pictures that you didn't choose in low-res .jpg format. (PLEASE don't edit these :) ).

And that's it! Kinda... I want you to be thrilled with your new headshots. If there is any adjustment that you'd like me to make after you've received the edited versions, lets communicate and make it happen!

If you have any other questions, head to my Contact page and shoot me a message! 


coming soon : )


…also coming soon. : )